We feel that our church cannot be all that God has called it to be without the gifts, talents and resources of everyone involved! In tennis, serving is pivotal to the success of the game. We believe that the same is true in the church setting.

Without a good serve, it is difficult to win. And without a great team of servants in the local church, it is difficult to reach our city for Jesus Christ.

We want you to discover the incredible gifts and talents that God has given you and learn how to put them into action for the Kingdom of God!

We have lots of resources to help you find your place. For example, we make available a free Spiritual Gift Assessment that will help you determine your individual talents and giftings. Armed with this knowledge, you can plug in to your place in the body and help us achieve the vision God has given us.

To get involved in any area of the church, just give us a call at 719.531.6600! We need you!