What should I expect on Sunday mornings?
Just inside the lobby you will see our check-in system. One of our friendly check-in staff will greet you and your kid(s) and check them into class using our secure, computerized check-in system. We will print a customized name tag just for them and give you a claim ticket authorizing only you to pick them up. Please let us know during check-in if your child has any allergies or special needs. Please note that for the safety of your children you MUST show the ticket when you pick up your children. You will escort your kids to their assigned classroom and meet their trained, loving teacher who absolutely loves kids! You can then head to the main service to enjoy the worship and teaching. If your child needs you during service, a number will appear on the lower, right-hand side of the screen on stage. Each family will have one number, so in case you have multiple children the first half will indicate which child needs you. For instance NUR-Z4F would be Nursery and PRE-Z4F would be Preschool. Everyone who works with our youth and children at Rock Family Church has passed a thorough background check. Safety is important to us.
When should I arrive?
Please arrive 15 minutes before the beginning of the service so that you can enjoy the entire service. It takes a few minutes to check your children in and drop them off.
Where does kindergarten go?
Since this is often a very transitional year, we allow you and your child to choose if your kindergartener would prefer to be in Rock Preschool or go to Rock Kids. Many times we see them staying in Rock Preschool until January and then trying Rock Kids after they are more accustomed to being in a classroom and playing large group games. There are so many factors including birth order, personality, and maturity which make up this decision and there is no one better than you to decide.
Am I able to visit my child's class?
You are welcome to visit your child's room at any time. To enter the room to observe or comfort your child please ask the teacher. While in the room we ask that you not interact with any child other than your own unless you have been cleared to work with children at RFC.
How do I get involved?
Contact our church office at 719.531.6600 or email at office@rockfamilychurch.com for an application and background check form.