Dare 2 Care



Join us as we reach out to meet a physical, emotional, relational, financial, or spiritual need in people’s lives.

Since the start of Dare to Care in 2008, we have distributed over $300,000 & assisted over 1,000 families in crisis with their living expenses.

Take the dare and choose to live beyond yourself by either donating funds or participating in the events we host like distributing backpacks or Christmas presents for children!


The vision for Dare to Care is about living beyond ourselves. . . our needs . . . our wants . . to put others first.

It’s about a church reaching out to our community needs first rather than pursuing our own church building and land.

We believe the Holy Spirit spoke to us and said, “Invest in people first and you will always have money for land and buildings.”

Too often it is easy for a church to become a spiritual country club where all of our energies and efforts are focused to keep the members happy and we forget the mandate from Jesus to reach the world.

At Rock Family Church we don’t believe the church is here for us but that we are the church and we are here for the world!


1. If our church ceased to exist today. . . would anyone in the community other than our members know or care?

2. If we were the only church in Colorado Springs. . . how would it change the way we respond to the needs of our community?

3. To reach people no one else is reaching . . . we have to do what no one else is doing.

4. We want to do something so big, it is destined to fail without You, Lord. Something so great it takes a miracle to do!

If you have more questions, email info@rockfamilychurch.com or call the office at (719) 531 6600.