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Dean is one of the nation’s most creative and contagious communicators. When you get around him or his teaching material you can’t help but raise the bar on your ministry presentations. Give him a biblical topic and he’ll create a visual message out of it. Jesus used spit, mud, seeds, weeds, farmers and camels to convey His message. Dean has chosen to use items from our culture today to bring the message of God’s Word alive to bored believers and uninterested non-believers.  Over 70% of our population are visual learners yet most communicators in church only preach to the auditory learner.   On any given Sunday, you might see Dean slide down a zip line, ride a unicycle or roll a coffin onto the stage - all to capture people’s attention and help them understand a Biblical truth.  Now you can tap into his creativity and get his sermon series free of charge.  See a list of sermon series now available below.
Dean has served in full-time ministry since 1981 and is the Lead Pastor of Rock Family Church in Colorado Springs, Colorado.  After working with teenagers for over 23 years, Dean and his wife, Kim, planted RFC in 2004 with 52 people.  Today, it is a church with two campuses, a Spanish Church and five weekend services.   Dean has been married to Kim since 1983 and they have three adult children.   Since 2000 he has been equipping church leaders, youth pastors and pastors with sermon materials which started with the H2O Sermon Source through Dean Hawk Ministries.   Those early sermons have gone by the wayside and today we are making some of his most recent materials available as an investment into your ministry. 
For many church leaders, at times the job can be overwhelming.  Dean is passionate about assisting pastors and church leaders.  His goal is simple.  What experiences can he share to help your ministry journey be easier than his own?   Every month he tackles a new subject on the “Dean Hawk Leadership Podcast.”  Available on iTunes.  Each edition is filled with practical ministry training and insight to help pastors and church leaders grow and reach their full leadership potential.  
We hope you enjoy the resources below and pray for God’s best in all you do for His Kingdom!

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