Matt Sherman has been serving in youth ministry since 1999.  Although occupational ministry was not originally his life’s ambition, he witnessed firsthand the course of a teenager’s life being directed to pursue a life in Christ and then found the cause and purpose of his own life.  That cause has only been strengthened with an urgency to see teen’s lives transformed to which he will dedicate the rest of his life to fulfill this purpose. Matt is committed to showing teenagers that they are loved, accepted and that they can find their identity, hope, forgiveness, joy, freedom, guidance and encouragement as a follower of Christ.

Besides his love for his beautiful wife, Jeannie, and two amazing teenage daughters, Ruby and Haven, and his son Judah—he loves fire and coffee. The book Greater by Steven Furtick is one of his favorites and he hopes to hike the Grand Canyon at some point in his life.  Did we mention he LOVES coffee?